FKT - Juan de Fuca Trail

Exciting this week that a short video came out on my 2017 FKT attempt of Vancouver Islands Juan de Fuca (JDF) trail. This is one of the most rugged trails that I know of and for some reason I have developed a love affair with it for the past 15+ years. It is near and dear to my heart, perhaps because it takes me back to my true West Coast routes (being a gal from Duncan, BC after all) that I feel connected and at home on this trail. To say that is rooty, muddy and gnarly would be a complete understatement. Despite the fact that this trail kicks my ass EVERY SINGLE time that I run it, I return year after year to throw myself at it.  I've held the Womens FKT (fastest known time) on it for the last several years but I have still not achieved the time that I am capable of. You can guess where 2018 will be taking me right!!  2017 was a very hard year for me (blog on this coming very soon) related to some health issues. As such, I suffered my way through this trail and every other goal that I set for myself. As such, goals were not mett. However, as always, you learn from mistakes and you get back out there.
Enjoy the documentary!  

17 (1).jpg
Jen Segger