the Hangout

Maybe you’ve seen me posting about our “Hangout Group” and have wondered what it was all about… We launched this group as a way to bring runners more opportunities to train harder and smarter and connect with myself for coaching without spending a fortune. The quick and dirty of it is, you get access to an exclusive group through either a training plan or a membership and you get a bunch of sweet perks… have a read:

Earlier this year, WE (being myself and the awesome community of Run Like A Girl) launched an online training and connecting platform for runners (new and experienced) who want to see improvements in their running through a supportive learning environment. Our goal with this was simple....give people a place where professional information could be shared and absorbed, where an in-depth look at EVERYTHING related to running and training could be addressed and where questions got answered.  Our mission is to simply give you the most up to date and current info available as it relates to training properly, preparing to race, improving technique, speed and power, fuelling for health and performance, avoiding injuries, choosing races, understanding heart rate and exertion training and of course, gear.

At the HANGOUT, everyone is welcome. We have a scope of runners ranging from short distance through to ultra distance and everything in between. Questions are encouraged, comments are always welcomed.  What we are aiming to do is provide professional and sound information, allowing each individual to soak it in and apply it to their own goals as they see fit. I've never preached a one size fits all formula for athletic development and this holds true to my teachings in the HANGOUT.  There are so many factors influencing and affecting each persons training protocol that runners must look individually at where they are currently at (strengths and areas for improvement) and where they'd like to be.

We've been sharing a wealth of knowledge over the past few months and it has been a lot of fun.  I look forward to preparing my LIVE chat series, answering questions from everyone as they pop up. While some runners are following my training plans (either on a 1:1 personalized schedule or via a pre determined plan), others have simply joined to just learn and have access to a coach who can answer their questions.  Ultimately we want to see running be a healthy sport that can be enjoyed by all for years and years and I believe that knowledge is the key in achieving this!  Also in the HANGOUT, Hailey posts great monthly strength and fitness challenges. These are meant to compliment ones training and add a fun cross training element to things and Lucy inspires us with some yummy and easy home cooked recipes that are a must to try out. 

If you are on a mission to improving your running, regardless of your current fitness level, come join our supportive and interactive training HANGOUT. I've been working with athletes around the world for well over a decade and this is a great opportunity to have access to my years of being involved in the sport, both as an elite runner and adventurer and as a coach to hundreds of people. Subscriptions are available on a monthly basis and are included at no extra cost as part of our training plans offerings.   Remove the clutter on what you should or shouldn't do in the social world........just focus on smart training that is RIGHT for you.

Happy running....see you in the HANGOUT!


Jen Segger