Fastpacking - How to Get Started

Recently home from guiding a run trip down to Southern Chile’s Patagonia region, I was more than delighted to write a blog piece for Ultimate Direction on Fastpacking - How to Get Started. Many of the trips that I am now offering via RunBC Adventures has stemmed from my love of combining mountain running with hiking on multi day excursions. Fastpacking is an ideal cross between these two amazing ways to get out into nature and explore. Last month I hosted a run retreat in Costa Rica (in partnership with Run Like a Girl) where I coached our crew through an overnight fastpacking mission up to Cerra Ena and an overnight in the mountains. I hope all those runners who joined me in Costa Rica will continue to get out there and build upon their new skills, realizing that the sky is the limit when you have a fastpack on.

Upcoming fastpacks for me include visiting some of my most favorite trails of all time:
West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island followed by the Chilcotins, just North of Pemberton.

Grab your pack and come along!

RLAG - Day 3-142.jpg
Jen Segger