Ready to clean up your diet, set some new goals and have constant support as you implement positive change into your life? Are you seeking energy, better sleep, a more positive mood or weight loss?  Do you have athletic goals that could benefit from an in-depth look into your body composition and caloric intake?

Jen believes that taking a holistic approach is essential when it comes to better overall health as well as improving athletic performance. The two, in fact, go hand in hand.  All consulting begins with looking at where you are currently at today and then moving forward together as you learn and digest the information that Jen will share with you.  Through constant contact you will be able to stay on track and have the support of your coach through it all!

If you are someone who has suffered with adrenal issues, an inability to loose weight, ongoing fatigue, bloating and decrease in energy output, you have come to the right place.  Jen has been working with athletes and recreational enthusiasts to help guide the healing process.  She works with a network of other health professionals to help solve these problems and get to the root of the issue so that a new path to health and well being can begin to take place.

Jen is a certified sport nutrition coach and has worked with several holistic food practitioners to work through her own personal dietary needs.  She continues to learn and keep up with the latest research in holistic health. If you are ready to make positive change and commit to the journey, Jen would love to hear from you.

The Journey

Nutrition Coaching and Lifestyle Changes

What's included

  1. Detailed questionnaire with Q&A session
  2. 60mins Phone or In-Person Consult
  3. Determination if blood work and further testing is necessary in order to gather more information.
  4. Action plan including specific recommendations related to lifestyle, exercise and nutrition
  5. 30mins Phone or In-Person session follow up every 2-3 weeks
  6. Revision of nutrition log on a weekly basis
  7. Unlimited email communication as initiated by client to answer questions and receive support
  8. Ongoing goal setting
  9. Monthly body composition analysis (for those close to Squamish or willing to travel

the investment

$325/month CND (minimum intake is a 3 month commitment)

Related Services:
Body Composition Test  $50 + tax
Secondary & Ongoing Body Composition Testing   $35+ tax
Consulting @ $90+ tax  for 75min appointment



Determine your current makeup using our accurate Inbody 520 machine. This is the only machine in the Sea to Sky Corridor offering a detailed look at ones body composition in a non invasive way.


We are excited to finally have the Inbody 520 machine, a state of the art body composition analyzer machine that allows us to look inside, beyond the number of the scale to determine the internal condition of your body. This machine differentiates between body fat, lean muscle and water. It is 99% accurate in its readings and allows us to take that data and help you set accurate and measurable goals as a result of real and reliable data. On-going, regular use of the Inbody 520 will identify how your diet, exercise and lifestyle choices are directly impacting your body composition.

Each test provides the following information in an easy to understand report:

  1. Segment Measurements for each of the 4 limbs and trunk
  2. Body Composition Analysis
  3. Lean Body Mass
  4. Intra and Extra Cellular Water
  5. Obesity Diagnosis
  6. Muscle Fat Analysis
  7. Overall Health Evaluation
  1. Weight Control including recommendation for daily caloric intake
  2. Body Cell Mass
  3. Bone Mineral Content
  4. Basal Metabolic Rate
  5. Arm Circumference
  6. Arm Muscle Circumference

Body Composition Scan

  • Single Scan  $50
  • 6 Pass Scan $250  (Valid for 1 year)
  • 12 Pass Scan $480 (Valid for 1 year)

Ongoing analysis will help you determine if what you are doing is working in regards to achieving goals. Book your appointment and gain a new perspective on your overall current health.