Jen is available for 1:1 private sessions either in the weight room or in the outdoor training environment.  For over 6 years Jen owned and coached at her own High Performance Training facility in Squamish. Let her 12+ years of working in the strength and conditioning realm with athletes of all levels, from all backgrounds assist you in becoming stronger, leaner and moving better.

Individual training is ideal for clients who:

  • May be returning from injury
  • Have sport specific goals
  • Are looking for that personal push and guidance


Set your goals and let Jen take you step by step on that path to reach them!


Indoor Strength & Conditioning

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Private Outdoor Coaching

what's included

Individual Session (1 person) $85/hour
Package of 4 (1person) $290
Small Group Training (2+ppl) $50/person/hr
*In Squamish Jen trains athletes at Rebel Fitness. Additional fees may apply if athlete is not a member there.


what's included

Individual Session (1 person) $100/hour
Package of 4 (1 person) $325
Day Rate 8hrs+ (on trails, in mountains etc) – please inquire
**Jen travels globally to deliver custom and unique coaching sessions to clients.  If you are looking for that really individual, focused improvement session, booking Jen for a 1:1 is the way to fast track forward.  She will take you on incredible, coached learning adventures. Have a bucket list run that you want to do? Inquire with Jen to coach and guide you through it.



sport specific analysis

Ideal for the endurance runner looking to improve on specific areas of trail running.

Jen is proud to be at the forefront in Squamish for offering Functional Run Analysis.  This 1hr indoor session allows us to look closely at how YOUR body actually moves when in motion. This is a very beneficial way for us to then be able to restore mechanically sound movement patterns by identifying your functional limitations and asymmetries.  A body that moves well when running will achieve greater athletic, fitness and wellness goals. Be preventative in reducing the change of run related injuries by learning proper technique and form.  Jen uses a mix of video software & demonstrations to help you understand and learn.

If your goal is to improve on specific areas of trail running (hill climbing, descending technique, technical movements) Jen works with clients throughout the year 1:1 in person on varied terrain!


Offered at private facilities throughout the Sea to Sky corridor. Jen is available to come to you at your home gym or other facility as well.


$100 for 75min session
(Includes analysis & homework assignments for improvement)




Get to Know your zones via Blood Lactate Testing. Designed to effectively determine your individual heart rate training zones.


Utilizing FaCT protocol, this testing will determine your individual heart rate training zones and can look directly at the effectiveness of your training and workouts. At the end of each test, we will be able to help determine what your limiting factor is and hence, provide recommendations for improvement and development. We will review the data collected with you after each test and will be able to help determine your training zones. Take the “guess” out of your training and avoid utilizing formulas that are not accurate.


Each test takes between 60min to 90mins to complete. Make sure that you are well rested and fueled before attending. After the test, we will go over your results and interpret the data with you. We will determine your training zones moving forward so that you can train with confidence in your heart rate zones. In addition, you will receive a prescription on the workouts to focus on for the next 4 to 6 weeks. Each test includes a print out of your results for future reference.


Lactate is a metabolic byproduct of your bodies energy production process. It is produced in the muscle during exercise and can be measured in the blood by taking a small sample from the finger tip. This is done in the same manner as diabetic patients checking their blood sugar level. The blood lactate level increases with exercise intensity and show clearly the transition from oxygen dependent glycolysis to oxygen independent energy production.


Blood lactate can be used by sports scientists, coaches and athletes to accurately determine appropriate training intensities, recovery periods and much more. Blood lactate is far more precise than the outdated and inaccurate method of using percentage of maximum heart rate to set training zones. Because heart rate responses vary wildly between individuals, each training zone needs to be determined by physiological variables, not by mathematical formulas. Furthermore, the relationship between exercise intensity and heart rate is different for different activities. Training recommendations for running will NOT be the same as heart rate recommendations for cycling!

To learn and understand more about the protocols of FaCT testing, please visit

 Performance Testing Services

Blood Lactate Test – Run (1.5hr)

$170/1st test

Spin Scan on Compu Trainer

$75/1.5hr session

Blood Lactate Test – Bike (1.5hr)

$170/1st test

Add a Body Analysis Scan to a Lactate Test


All Lactate Test thereafter


Body Composition Test with no other Testing