Ready to run your first 50k in 2018?

The team 50 is a coached running program for beginner and intermediate runners in the Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton and Lower Mainland area starting January 2018. Professional coaching in run mechanics, nutrition, recovery and training methodology.


In 2016 we launched the first 50km training program. Noticing that there was a lack of opportunities for runners who were looking to bridge the gap from the 1/2 marathon/marathon distance into the ultra world, Jen created this hands on program to do exactly that the prepare athletes over a series of many months to achieve longer distance running goals.

Now being offered in it’s 3rd year, Team50 is unique. It requires commitment and investment from each runner to embrace the full journey of  adopting and learning correct, safe and affective training methods. Beginning in January, participants have the opportunity to select the race of their choice and train towards that very goal.  Each athlete follows their own day by day, week by week training program complete with full communication with Jen. No two athletes will follow the exact program! Instead, each runner’s training program will be designed for them based on their time availability, strengths, weaknesses and interests. We’ve added a weekly speed and technique session this year as well (see details below.) Team50 will also gather 1x a month (on Sundays) to run long and learn as a group. As the months go on, the run time increases. All weekend group trainings will happen in the Squamish/Whistler area. We suggest runners select a race that falls between July and October, 2018.

What's included:

  1. Team50 trucker hat
  2. 2 Body Composition Analysis with Jen (you decide when)
  3. 25% off Heart Rate Lactate Zone Testing if desired
  4. $20 races!!  Race one, or race them all. Offered for Loop the Lakes and the Saltspring Island trail race series.
  5. 10% off any of the coached running & learning adventures that are exclusively offered by Jen (For 2018 Jen will be coachedRun the Purcells in July)
  6. Individual Training Program (detailed day by day, week by week) 100% designed for you (value of this is $225/mo)
  7. Unlimited Email Communication with Jen
  8. 1 monthly endurance & 1 monthly technique runs that progressively increase in duration (Sunday’s Jan – June starting at 7:30/8am approx)
    DATES: Jan 14th, Jan 21st, Feb 11th, Feb 18th, and Mar 11th, March 18th (APR – JUN YTBD)
  9. Private Group Facebook page for information sharing and connecting with the other runners. Here you will find information on holistic sport nutrition, run technique etc. We encourage posting of questions and opportunities to connect!

    TOTAL INVESTMENT:  $250/month (6 month commitment)
    *Athletes can then choose to continue through the Summer at $225/mo

The commitment

Team50 starts in January 2018 with the 1x monthly group runs ending in June. New for 2018 will be weekly speed, interval and technique training at the track! Your 1:1 custom training plan continues on until you stand on that 50km line!

Invest in your health and goals while you learn and receive coaching from globally sought after endurance trainer, Jen Segger. Not only will you reduce the risk of injury through your personalized program and constant access to Jen but you will make new running friends and experience some great new trails and running routes throughout our months together. Added to the team as the assistant in-person coach is Dave Melanson, run mechanics guru here in Squamish! Email to receive more information or to register. We ask that all runners can run 10km (no matter how slow or fast) by January 2018. Compare this to other personally coached programs that Jen offers with and you will see how amazing this package price is. Set your goals now and let us help you reach them.

Note: we are now getting inquiries for a Team80km and even a Team100km. If this interests you, please also email as we will strive to offer a similar combined program.