"I have achieved goals I never even dreamed were possible until I met coach segger 4 years ago. Unmatched in excellence and effort."

Dr. Monique Dube

Multi-Ultramarathon runner from 50K to 100 miles
Chief Environmental Scientist, Emergency Medical Responder



"Through her many adventures, races, and coaching, Jen demonstrates to every one of us that we are all capable of achieving extraordinary things. Its her genuine and humble approach to everything she does that is so impressive. Arguably one of the greatest endurance athletes in the world, Jen always has time to share her wisdom so that others can achieve their own goals!"

Mike McCorgary



"Over the past year, Jen has been coaching me in preparation for what seemed to be an impossible goal of racing the bc bike race. I can honestly say that training with Jen has changed my life. It has impacted me in so many ways. I feel empowered, confident, strong, balanced, and the fittest I have ever been. She is always available to answer my many questions and is extremely encouraging and understanding. Jen has helped turn my impossible into a realistic goal that I know I will confidently perform at a level I had no idea was in me. She has helped bring out my truest athletic potential. All I wonder now is, what bigger goal is going to come next?! Thanks, Jen!"

Jenn Thiel

2x Boston Marathon Qualifier and Finisher



"I have worked with Jen for 5 years. During that time I have had successful finishes at several of the most well known and most difficult ultramarathons including western states 100, Badwater 135, Zion 100, Yukon artic ultra 100 and Tahoe 200. My achievements are a testament to Jen’s coaching abilities. I am a 56 year old female with average athletic ability and a full time job. I have learned that if I follow the program and put in the work, I will achieve goals I never thought possible. Jen has helped me improve my physical and mental game to become the best athlete I can be. Jen really cares about her athletes and is invested in their success. All she asks in return is that we put in the work. She is the best!"

Mary Betts


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